Have you ever had a failure after doing a wrap?  Maybe that complex curved popped up after and you just don’t know why? The most common issue is that post heating wasn’t done correctly with enough heat.  Now I know it sounds like the age old, blame the installer, but unfortunately it probably is the case.  Did you know that it takes around 175 degrees to set a new memory on the film.  You could just heat it and guess, maybe touching it to see if it’s hot.  Or you could use an IR temperature reader and measure the surface temperature.  That’s definitely better than just doing it by feel.

Is there a better way?  How about using some new tech such as a heat gun with a built in temperature sensor that regulates the temperature of the heat gun to keep a consistent surface temperature.  Master Appliances carry just such a tool.  It it cheap? No it’s not!  At just over $500US it is the premier heating tool you could ever buy.  Why not just go buy a cheapie at the local hardware store?  Just think about the costs of one failure, that alone could cost you more in materials and labor than the price of the gun.  And what’s your reputation worth? 500, 1000, priceless?  So weight the costs and determine what you think your reputation is worth, then decided whether or not it’s too expensive.